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Welcome to Mike-Roberts.net! If you're looking for an online Maths Tutor, you've come to the right place! I have worked as full-time tutor since 2006 and have taught over 350 pupils one-to-one. I offer lessons for A Level, GCSE and Years 8-9 with each lesson tailored to your individual requirements.

Whether you need last minute exam preparation, an all-round improvement in performance/enjoyment of the subject, a long term exam strategy or general confidence rebuilding, I have the experience and expertise to help.

Have a browse around the site, particularly the What Pupils and Parents Think section below, and if you like what you see, please get in touch using the Contact page. I look forward to hearing from you.
More Information

All my lessons are online using Zoom or equivalent. The notes from each lesson are saved and uploaded to a Dropbox folder, meaning you can view the notes from every single lesson in one place.
Practice questions are set after each lesson (if this fits in with your study plans) with regular revision questions on each previous topic.

What To Expect

For each pupil, I provide:

- reassurance that any Mathematical difficulty can be overcome
- a friendly face who they trust to ask questions
- a renewed sense of confidence in the subject
- a comfortable, fun and focused learning environment
- a clear sense of direction and strategy

After each lesson, I set practice questions on the topics we have studied during that lesson. In addition, I keep a track of every topic we have looked at, how many times we have looked at it and when we need to revise it. I set revision questions during lessons and between lessons as required. And closer to the exams, I will also set past exam papers.

An exam grade can never be guaranteed of course, however, if the pupils does all the work I set at the time I suggest, they make significant progress and give themselves the best chance possible to get the grade they require.

What Pupils and Parents Think
"Mike is an outstanding tutor. Mike was able to help me across 3 different qualifications of maths achieve the grades I wanted. He was not only able to break down complex maths to my understanding but also make interesting and funny ways of remembering key mathematical elements which really helps you remember it. Mike's tutoring was very unique in the fact that he was able to help me with any type of maths/problem when I turned up to the door (or online), unlike a number of tutors which require notice beforehand. At Mike�s lessons you get handwritten notes which help when revising a topic after you have covered it with him. Mike also provided out of lesson support via phone/dropbox to help with any problems. Overall his mathematical expertise, his great sense of humour and commitment to his students makes him an absolutely fantastic tutor."

Sam from Folkestone, 18.
Mike Roberts
"Thank you very much for everything over these many years; it's been fantastic! I've learnt so many skills for maths that I will take with me to university. Without your lessons there is no doubt I would not have come away with 3 As and an unconditional offer from Bath! You've made the mathematician I am today, you've given me the tools and from here I'll use these tools to carve and shape my future in maths and physics. Who knows where it will take me! You are a fantastic tutor, very patient and extremely knowledgable, no matter what I brought to the lesson, you always knew how to solve it. You helped spark a deeper passion for maths inside me with your enthusiastic approach to questions and that's only grown with me as time has gone on. I cannot thank you enough for all your hard work in helping me be successful in these challenging subjects. I loved having lessons and it's been an absolute pleasure to know you. I'd like to keep in touch and inform you of my progress!"

Josh from Dover, 18.
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